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Jerame Reid

The MURDER of Jerame Reid started from a routine traffic stop on December 30th 2014, in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Bridgetown officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley pulled over a vehicle for running through a stop sign. While questioning the two men in the car, Leroy Tutt and Jerame Reid, the video shows Days suddenly shouting to his partner, "We've got a gun in his glove compartment!" followed by "Show me your fucking hands."


Days, who appears to recognize Reid, as he is heard calling him by his first name, retrieves a large silver handgun from the glove compartment. Days continues to warn Reid to not move, as Reid continues to move his hands around inside the vehicle. Several times, Days exclaims, "He's reaching for something!" As the situation intensifies, someone in the vehicle can be heard telling the officers, "I'm not reaching for nothing. I ain't got no reason to reach for nothing." Reid then tells Days, "I'm getting out and getting on the ground." The officer responds, "No you're not, stay right there, don't move."

A struggle ensues as Reid tries to push the door open, and the officer attempts to keep the door closed. Days steps back, and Reid pushes the door open, gets up, and exits the car with his hands at chest level. Days backs up and fires as Reid exits the vehicle. Reid reacts to the shots by moving his hands upwards. Worley fires one shot, and Reid is killed. Reid was unarmed at the time.