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This hat is takes inspiration from the most iconic snapback designs of the 90s, paying homage to our days of selling vintage goods. But while we were inspired, at the same time we took aim at giving a fresh but familiar take on two-toned Snapback designs. The chosen method for the project was the use of Typography, in this instance matching two completely different fonts together is the same design aesthetic. We like to call this structure “The Spellout” a common theme in 90s streetwear, focused on taking a word or a group of words and ensuring that each letter in the word has its own unique role in the design.

Also, it’s important to note that we’re always evolving and striving to make our products better so here’s a list of things we addressed with this hat.
⚫️ Upgraded quality to the hat Base for improved durability
⚫️ More ability to bend the bill without altering the shape
⚫️ Improved stitching via new embroidery partners

"The Legacy" Snapback

  • This Item will ship in 1-3 Business Days

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